Bad Habits Cause Wrinkles


Age leads to reduced skin elasticity due to the declining function of the skin tissue system. This was accompanied by a reduced production of oil and sweat glands so that the skin becomes faster dry, dull, and there are more wrinkles.

For most people, especially women, wrinkles are a scary thing, especially if wrinkles appear on the face. Wrinkles or fine lines have appeared at the bottom of the eyelid, forehead, also at the end of the lip skin. Conditions emergence smooth wrinkles that occur more rapidly, ie at the early age of 20 years referred to as premature aging.


In addition to the age factor, there are some habits that lead to wrinkles on the skin appear more quickly. Habits that include:

 1. Do not clean your face before bed
After a day of activities, usually eager to rest the body. In fact, during sleep the body temperature rises and facilitate the rest of makeup, dust, or dirt absorbed by the skin surface. Dirty skin will clog pores and cause skin problems.

 2. Lazy wear sunscreen if you want to move outdoors
It is common knowledge that exposure to ultraviolet light at 09:00 to 15:00 hours hazardous to the health of the skin. Use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15 were imperative, especially for those who live in the tropics.

3. The use of cosmetics is wrong
Can not wait to see the results of the use of beauty products, women often change beauty products regardless of the condition of the skin. In addition, too often wash your face with soap also makes the skin easy to dry.

4. Lack of drinking water
When engrossed in one’s activity or work done often ignore thirst. Less intake of fluid a bad effect on the skin. In addition to drinking enough, fluid intake can be obtained from the consumption of vegetables and fruits.

5. Lazy exercise
Jogged for 10 minutes 3 times a week is done routinely helps blood circulation. This means also nourish the skin. Remember that beautiful skin is flushed skin is not pale white.

6. Smoking and environment full of pollutants
Nicotine contained in cigarettes within destroys vitamin C in the body that act as antioxidants and collagen formation. In addition, an environment full of pollutants such as car exhaust or air-conditioned room also can make dry skin and accelerate the onset of wrinkles.

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