Blockage of Blood Vessels: Trigger Early Emergence of All Disease

Blood vessels harden and clot

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WHAT IS Blockage of blood vessels?

Blockage of blood vessels is a condition characterized by the presence of blockages in the blood vessels which interfere the process of transporting proteins, electrolytes, oxygen and food juices. This blockage is due to the ‘junk’ that constantly accumulate and stick in the bloodstream for years called plaque.

1. High Cholesterol Food: Foods that contain saturated fat, calories and excess sugar will settle in the bloodstream, so that bloodstream will be blocked.

2. Stress can increase levels of LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) in the blood due to an increase in the hormone cortisol which exceed normal limits.

3. Cigarettes can affect the elasticity of the blood vessels, so that blood vessels to thicken and harden and lead to blockages.

4. Lack of Exercise. Exercise can stimulate the heart to pump blood to the fullest. Lack of exercise causes the heart does not work optimally in pumping blood.

5. Descendants. Who has a family history of blood vessel constriction can heighten the risk of individuals having blocked blood vessels.

6. Obesity has always been identified with the amount of fat in the body and metabolism are not optimal. Excess fat will be deposited in the blood vessels and narrowing of blood vessels.

7. Age. The older a person is, the higher the risk of blood vessel blockage.

8. The use of chemical drugs
Chemical drugs will continue to accumulate in the body and is difficult to be issued to the body so it can settle in bloodstream and interfere blood circulation.

Blockage of the blood vessels do not show the same symptoms of each individual, but in general, people will feel fatigue, weakness, pain in certain parts of the body and immune deficiencies.

Blockage of the blood vessels can affect the emergence of a variety of dangerous diseases, such as:
• Coronary Heart
• Stroke
• Renal failure
• Hypertension
• Migraine
• Diabetes
• Impairment of vision
• Impotence
• Uric acid
• Cholesterol
• Cancer

Blockage of blood vessels is often known as initial trigger for the emergence of all diseases because the basis of the emergence of diseases is the presence of bloodstream is not smooth. How to cope with a blockage of blood vessels are exercising more, consuming health supplements that can help the body to remove and break down toxins in the body and maintain food intake and to do reflexology.


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