Treatment to Have Beautiful Eyes

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beautiful eyes

Beautiful eyes is a part that is an attraction for the appearance of a woman. That is why in makeup, eye makeup generally takes the longest.

There are some tips that you can use to get a beautiful eyes:

Clean the eyes of cosmetics before bed
If not cleaned, the rest of the cosmetics will clog pores. To clean the eye, you should use special eye cleaner, because the eye has a section that is more sensitive than other facial parts. Or use milk to clean. After that, apply eye cream that will help take care of the eyes at night.

Protect your eyes from the sun
When active in the daytime outdoors, be sure to use sunscreen or use eye gel to refresh the eye. Instead, use goggles to protect from ultraviolet rays, or use an umbrella or hat.

Drinking enough water
This will prevent dehydration which means it can prevent wrinkles in the eye.

Consumption of fruit and vegetables
The content of minerals, vitamins in fruits are useful nutrients for eye beauty, while also beneficial for the skin and body health. Especially, the content of vitamin C in fruits or vegetables can help the formation of collagen that increase the elasticity of the eye.

Avoid rubbing the eyes
If the hands are dirty used to rubbed his eyes, it can cause eye irritation.

Compress the eye
Compress using a piece of potato or cucumber for 10 minutes is useful to reduce dark circles. To facilitate the circulation of blood to the eyes, the eyes can be compressed using an ice cube and rubbed around the eyes. As an antiseptic for the eyes, put on a betel leaf hot water, and let the moisture on your eyes.

After doing eye care, pay attention to your daily habits because of the bad habits one can trigger premature aging. Among others, smoking, stress, lack of sleep, or are allergic to certain cosmetics. Note also the expiry date of cosmetics in order not to become irritated.

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