Destroyer Beauty Eyes

PROBLEM THAT UNDERMINE THE BEAUTY EYE, problems is eye, eye problems, premature aging, skin problems, eyes darkened, black circles in eye, eye bags, puffy eyes, eye wrinkles

The appearance of your eyes should certainly be kept attractive and beautiful. The eyes can convey a lot of things, including your personality. Therefore, analyze problems that occur on your eyes if it starts to look unattractive. Some commonly eye problems are described below.

Black Circles
One reason is due to heredity, while the cause is not inevitable with age. With increasing age, increasing circles around the eyes darkened. Lack of sleep can also cause dark circles, or pollution and stress.

Eye Bags
Eye bags is actually a bodily fluid or fat that can not be disposed of properly. This is quite disturbing because it makes the eyes look puffy.

The main factor is due to age which resulted in a lack of collagen content and reduced skin elasticity. Although the biological age of a person is not old, but premature aging can happen to anyone. The cause is excessive sun and dehydration

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